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From the start – we helped pioneer a new channel for Gatorade. One that tapped into the heart and soul of the brand, the unique connection with athletes all over. I develpoed a design process to deliver an authentic collaboration between the Gatorade brand and athlete. A key component was implementing an in-person workshop, where I met with athletes to talk through ideas, instigate conversation and understand ways the brand and athlete can motivate young athletes all over. From there the insights and alignment inform the design process and production. The result, a dynamic visual story, revealing authentic expression of the athlete and rich stories – all to inspire kids all over the world.

“I have had the pleasure of partnering with Mitch since 2019. He is a talented, collaborative, strategic, multi-disciplinary designer and all-around amazing human being. We’ve worked on a wide spectrum of projects across the Gatorade brand from refreshing brand identities to designing limited edition packaging, apparel, and influencer seeding kits to proposing creative strategy for new business platforms and building the roadmap on how to bring athlete collaborations to life. Mitch always brings a positive mindset to each project and strikes the right balance between being a strategic thinker and an artistic dreamer. What I’ve come to value in his partnership is that he is able to brainstorm blue sky “what if’s” and apply practical business realities to all of the creative challenges we’ve tackled together. Notably, the blueprint that we piloted with Serena Williams in 2019 to create the first ever Gx athlete collaboration has since been held up as best in class in both the Gatorade and the Global Pepsico Design organizations. It has also helped prove that design can make a meaningful impact on business with the Gx platform growing more than 10x from 2018 to 2022, large in part to the amplification of the athlete collabs Mitch designed. Aside from being proud of the work we’ve created together, through our travels, challenges and triumphs, I am proud to be able to call him a friend.”

– Kelli Albaugh, Gatorade Brand Design & Athlete Collaborations