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Here’s the deal: I’ve worked for a few big city design agencies, created my own design consultancy (celebrating 10 years this year) and also pursued my own product venture — all of which has brought incredible learning through some healthy face-plants. I’m excited to share the experience, knowledge, and resources that I’ve gained in the last 20 years of being in the design industry.

I’ve discovered what it is that I love to do after doing a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy. Now, I’m making myself available to offer my perspective to help guide you through your challenges and uncovering unrealized potential. Together we can discover new paths that deliver results towards goals we set together — whether it’s a new job, finding your spot in the industry, or evaluating opportunities. Things I can help with:

  • Talking through the possibilities available through exploring art + design in college
  • Portfolio review
  • How to present yourself and your work
  • Making use of your thought and process to inform your work
  • How to ask the right questions to your clients
  • How to build working relationships
  • Ways to grow your skills
  • Consultation on situational challenges at work
  • Navigating your career
  • Better understanding your worth
  • Helping to identify how you can be more fulfilled in what you do
  • How to shape your career around the life you want 

I recommend a bundle of 4 sessions. This provides weekly touch points over one month that naturally yield more progress. I use Zoom or FaceTime for meetings.

If this all sounds good to you, by all means reach out and let’s talk shop!


single session

Single one-hour coaching session


professional bundle

Four, one-hour sessions

student bundle

If you’re a student, I cut my rates in half.
Four, one-hour sessions

Have questions? Please reach out to me here.