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I’ve worked for a few big city design agencies, created my own design consultancy (celebrating 10 years this year) and also pursued my own product venture — all of which has brought incredible learning through some healthy face-plants. I’m excited to share the experience, knowledge, and resources that I’ve gained in the last 20+ years of being in the design industry. 

I’ll also add that it’s my nature to flip things on it’s head – challenging conventions and stripping things down to its core minimum to see new paths emerge for you and/or your brand. 

I’m highly ambitious, however, I always bring logic to back up my thinking. Lastly, these are conversations, I really enjoy connecting with people and find it rewarding to help people take a big leap that is fully aligned to their dreams.

I’m here to offer my perspective to help guide you and/or you business through challenges and uncovering unrealized potential. Together we can discover new paths that deliver results towards goals we set together — here are some ways I can help:

Leadership Professionals:
  • Brand Diagnosing / brand alignment - identity, story, connection with customer and vision
  • Evaluating packaging design - are you making the most of this customer interaction?
  • Reviewing and elevating key touch points with customers
  • Ways to approach a product launch
  • Brainstorming potential innovation channels
  • Diagnosing design help: understanding the options available to improve your situation

  • How to present yourself and your work
  • How to ask the right questions to your clients
  • Ways to build working relationships
  • Ways to grow your skills
  • Consultation on situational challenges at work
  • Navigating your career
  • Better understanding your worth
  • Helping to identify how you can be more fulfilled in what you do
  • How to shape your career around the life you want

Art + Design Students:
  • Portfolio review
  • Talking through the possibilities available through studying art + design in college
  • How to present yourself and your work

I recommend a bundle of 4 sessions. This provides weekly touch points over one month that naturally yield more progress. I use Zoom or FaceTime for meetings.


single session

Single one-hour coaching session


professional bundle

Four, one-hour sessions (August discount)

student bundle

If you’re a student, I cut my rates in half.
Four, one-hour sessions

Have questions? Please reach out to me here.