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Roverlanding Expedition is a small US-based team of Land Rover enthusiasts who enjoy global adventure-based exploration in their vintage Land Rover Defenders. When the team started planning their first overlanding adventure – a 10,000 mile trek to Alaska – there was such a ground swell of support from fellow Land Rover enthusiasts, adventurers and sponsors, they needed to formalize their vision into a brand identity, so they immediately turned to Haystack Studios. With a focus on adventure, discovery and camaraderie, we created a brand mark that not only captured the essence of the team but also designed a system that was extremely flexible to use on a cadre of communications: from social media and vehicle graphics to uniforms and swag given to their fans worldwide (even their shotguns were etched with a Roverlanding Expedition logo). While providing a unified look and feel to the brand, the Roverlanding identity is as distinctive as each of their expeditions and destinations.

“Our new identity has been such an unexpected and exciting part of building our global brand. Some of our followers have literally driven hundreds of miles just to meet us and receive a roverlanding Expedition badge. It has successfully galvanized our visual communication strategy.”

–John Edelmann / Co-Founder of Roverlanding Expedition